Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Deeds - Fee Schedule Toni Underwood, Cheif Deputy Clerk and Register of Deeds

For entering and recording any deed, mortgage, certified copy, lis pendens, or other instrument:
Recording fee                           $10.00
State Survey & Remonumentation Fee      $ 4.00
Total for first page                    $14.00
Each additional page                    $ 3.00
For any document that assigns or discharges more than one instrument, $3.00 shall be added to the fee for each instrument so assigned or discharged.

Warranty deeds, land contracts or an assignment thereof, or deeds that contain a convenant of warranty must have a tax certificate from the County Treasurer's office. The fee is $5.00.

Copies and Searches

Copy, real estate records per page            $1.00
Copy, U.C.C. filing per page                  $2.00
Copy, Fixture filing per page                 $2.00
Copy, State Tax Lien per page                 $1.00
Copy, Federal Tax Lien per page               $1.00
Copy, Plat of record; minimum fee, per page   $2.00
Certification of any of the above copies      $1.00

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